login and logout in asp.net using c#

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In webform, i am having login linkbutton, (logout linkbutton should be hide @ this point of time)

when click the login linkbutton, I want the loginpage

when I give the login credentials, i want welcome + username in default.aspx with logout linkbutton instead of login linkbutton (should be hide till when the user click the logout linkbutton)

can anyone provide solution for the above scenario?



Posted by: aswinialuri-19361 on: 8/2/2013 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

i understand your query
Resppnse.redirect("loginpage.aspx"); in link button click event
In login page place a login button and give sessions
sessions will transfer the data from one page o another page

If you get any doubt about this raise a query

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Aswini Aluri

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