Frequnency design in telecommunication

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Hi team,

Can any one have idea about LTE(telecom)PCS spectrum design?

Pls let me know.





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LTE is an optimized mobile OFDMA solution standardized by the 3 GPP. It leverages wider bandwidths to provide very high data rates and an enhanced user experience. LTE is a parallel evolution path that continues 3G's track record of mobility and high spectral efficiency. Deployed as an overlay on the existing 3G networks, LTE will effectively boost data capacity in high-demand dense urban areas. 3G and its evolution will provide ubiquitous broadbam=nd service outside focused LTE coverage areas, as well as voice services throughout the network. 3G evolutions offer data rates and capacity similar to LTE, when using the same bandwidth and antenna configuration. LTE is designedto seamlessly interoperate with 3G through multimode devices, which will play a pivotal role in initial LTE deployments. Qualcomm, with its industry's first LTE/HSPA+/EV-DO multimode chipset solutions, is in a unique position to support timely LTE deployments.

For futher reference you can go through the following PDF provided with this link,,d.bmk

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