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Oracle how can i split one table into two tables?  2 / 1519 31-Aug-2015
Sql Server Which of the following are results of running the t-sql below in sql server?  6 / 1321 28-Aug-2015
Others based on the PL/SQL hierarchical profile data extract below, the_plsql_vm entry point operations  0 / 2067 28-Aug-2015
Sql Server which of the following normal forms meet the sql server table requirement?  7 / 3034 28-Aug-2015
Oracle which of the following tables contain single row general informationfor each profiling run in pl/sql  0 / 1227 28-Aug-2015
Oracle delete duplicate data using three tables print valid data using rowid in oracle  2 / 1299 20-Aug-2015
Oracle Write a query print all @ symbols?  Resolved 5 / 2814 19-Aug-2015
Oracle Write a query total amount based on item and cost?  Resolved 3 / 1859 19-Aug-2015
Oracle How do we identify the records in a table that has empty values  Resolved 3 / 1390 19-Aug-2015
Oracle one of my interview question this below..if we any one explain? i did not understand this question..  1 / 1169 19-Aug-2015
Oracle how can i split the table  7 / 1521 17-Aug-2015
Oracle Join two tables retrieve second table column value '@'  Resolved 4 / 1276 11-Aug-2015
Oracle write a query set the primary key column has a duplicate values  1 / 1808 11-Aug-2015
Oracle how can i write a query using three tables display more than products details by using joins  Resolved 1 / 1741 30-Jul-2015
Oracle What is normalization,where can i use in realtime and explain this?  4 / 1359 30-Jul-2015
Oracle How to Kill the session or how to unlock the objects in sql  Resolved 3 / 1427 30-Jul-2015

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