How do you copy the COM component to the server and register ?

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Inorder to install or remove the COM components from the system,these COM components will provide a setup program.
If the component doesn’t provide a setup program, you can copy it to the server and register it using the MFC RegSvr32.exe utility, as shown below:

RegSvr32 MyComname.dll

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Posted by: Ksuresh on: 8/1/2012 | Points: 10

What is "COM" ? In which situation we will use?

Posted by: RKesavanspitech-17210 on: 8/4/2012 | Points: 10
COM- Component Object Model

Simply says if You can access any other Applications like (Word, Photoshop,etc..) First you add this COM reference in your project then easily to traverse.
Posted by: Ksuresh on: 8/6/2012 | Points: 10
Thank you R.Kesavan@Spitech.Com

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