You are designing an ASP.NET web application that provisions virtual machines for a
testing environment. Users can provision from 1 to 10 virtual machines at a time, and
each virtual machine provision might take up to 60 seconds.
For security reasons, the Server hosting the virtual machines allows provisioning requests only from the web server. You need to design the application to keep users notified of the provisioning Progress.

Which approach should you recommend ?

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  1. On the server, start asynchronous processes to provision each virtual machine. On The client, use JavaScript to query the server every five seconds for a status update.
  2. On the server, synchronously provision each virtual machine. When complete, Return a status update to the user
  3. On the client, use JavaScript to launch a separate asynchronous process for each Virtual machine to be provisioned. Within each process, request a page from the Web server that provisions a virtual machine.
  4. All Above

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