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DISTINCT also SORT the data! 28-Mar-2013
Hi NULL is something like UNKNOWN or NOTHING or MISSING thats it! So, NULL can not be consider ... 12-Apr-2012
Hi I would like to respond to your questions... Normally, when you submit a query to the sql s ... 06-Apr-2012
Hi CONVERT - Is not always Deterministic. It depends on Format Standard. Its Non-Deterministic wh ... 06-May-2011
Hi The following is an alternate for ISNULL[CODE]Select Case When @Param Is Null Then '' Else @Pa ... 02-May-2011
Thanks for your comments... @Kishore: Yes. you are correct. - A single SELECT statement can ha ... 27-Apr-2011
Hi I would like to explain little better on "Global Temporary Table" for some better understandin ... 29-Apr-2011
Hi Nice Explanation on both. Small correction on Global Temp table(#2) "They are unallocate ... 26-Mar-2011
Could you please change some of the points... - The stored procedures are compiled at very first ... 13-Mar-2011
Hi I really appreciate and thanks Cheers 09-Dec-2010
Hi Nice Point. Somebody might think that "We can set the trigger Order - AFTER trigger as 'Fir ... 06-Dec-2010
Hi Kindly check the definition, The definition what you have given is not for PIVOT.... This is f ... 06-Dec-2010
hi Easwaran, What you saying is correct. But, Please have a look The Actual size of "INT" d ... 13-Jul-2010
Hi Kindly move this to Oracle(If any). [B]or[/B] Atleast, Please specify that This post belong ... 11-Dec-2010
Hi Pl remove the SPACE between the DataTypes' Name, This is syntatically wrong. Use [B]TinyInt ... 29-Sep-2009
Hi Virendradugar Your question is : [B]Can we use nondeterministic functions such as GETDATE(), ... 10-Sep-2009
Hi Your question is: What is a table called, if it has neither Cluster nor Non?cluster Index? ... 10-Sep-2009
Hi Virendradugar [B]For your kind attention :[/B] The definition is [B]WRONG[/B] about [B]Gl ... 10-Sep-2009
Hi Insteadof Using [B]TOP[/B]/[B]SUB-QUERY[/B] We can use [B]DENSE_RANK()[/B] function in SQL SER ... 08-Sep-2009
Hi Pl specify the [B]ColumnName[/B] you used (Is it [U]InsetedDate[/U]/[U]Identity Value[/U] / So ... 08-Sep-2009

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