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a simple answer to it is: The objects to the classes are reference type in nature so you need to as ... 15-May-2011
thanks !! 18-May-2010
Pavanandey, It will be good, if you could provide the example here for the same !! 18-May-2010
Thanks moderator 3 for modifing the answer to better understanding !! 10-Mar-2010
Thanks Mkyal, But it's not the Objective Typw Question. All are the correct answers even there are ... 18-Mar-2010
Hey Man, It's an Objective Type Question. Still if you need i will definitely add the relevant des ... 03-Mar-2010
Not returning any record, what will be the possible cause and can you please justify the significanc ... 26-Feb-2010
IsBodyHTML=True of which object ?? 26-Feb-2010
Hi Raja, I am writing the whole Query now, Please use it to check, actually its a functions in hur ... 27-Feb-2010 04-Feb-2010
Thanks Raja and nice to know you intereset in it, You can check this on a nice blog there i found i ... 16-Jan-2010
String , Date , Integer 05-Jan-2010
Simpy machine config is in context to the whole IIS and Work Processors so every work processor firs ... 05-Jan-2010
Using AlternateItemTemplate and setting the color in Rowstyle or in the HTML control you have used 05-Jan-2010
Test, ErrorMessage Control to Validate Set Focus On Error 05-Jan-2010
Server.Transfer 05-Jan-2010
select address from tblAddress where CreatedDateTime between cast('1/1/2008' as datetime) and cast(' ... 23-Dec-2009
Additionally Delete: Deletes 1 or all or qualifying records from a table. If the last record i ... 23-Dec-2009
ASC 23-Dec-2009
use ORDER BY on the column on which you want to sort giving "ASC" or "DESC" predicates 23-Dec-2009

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