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WCF In WCf, which binding is used if you are using WCF-to-WCF communication between processes on the same machine ? 12-Apr-2012 5591
WCF In WCF, which is/are used for representing content in WebHttpBinding ? 12-Apr-2012 17541
WCF In WCF, which is the right binding for RESTful communication and other situations where SOAP isn't required ? 11-Apr-2012 20211
WCF In WCF, is SOAP envelope created while using WebHttpBinding ? 11-Apr-2012 5535
WCF In WCF, does BasicHttpBinding supports HTTPS ? 11-Apr-2012 25925
WCF In WCF, can a struct be used as a DataContract ? 10-Apr-2012 8090
WCF Suppose you have created a WCF service. You have an interface stating your methods that must be exposed to the clients. But you have forgotten to specify "[OperationContract]" attribute in any of your method. What will happen ? 08-Apr-2012 6872
WCF In WCF, can we have multiple endpoints with the same address ? 08-Apr-2012 25061
C# Can we inherit Multiple Interfaces into an Interface ? 07-Apr-2012 6001
WCF State the three components that a WCF service must have ? 07-Apr-2012 4124
WCF If both the application are in Dotnet then which technology is used for better performance apart from WCF ? 06-Apr-2012 27537
WCF If you have a Dotnet Web Service and a Java Client Application, then which Communication technology will you use other than WCF ? 06-Apr-2012 4511
WCF State 3 primary aspects of WCF ? 06-Apr-2012 3467
WCF What is a proxy class for WCF Service ? 04-Apr-2012 10117
WCF State which one is the odd one out in case of SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) Message format. 04-Apr-2012 18540
WCF Why do we need MessageContract when DataContract can do the job ? 04-Apr-2012 6367
WCF Can you show me an example in how to write a Message Contract in WCF ? 04-Apr-2012 4006
WCF Explain briefly the three way of communication between source and destination in WCF ? 04-Apr-2012 4150
WCF Are SOAP faults inter-operable ? 02-Apr-2012 4047
WCF Can we propagate CLR Exception across service boundaries in WCF ? 01-Apr-2012 5237

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