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C# What is the CIL representation of implicit and explicit keywords in C#? 21-Jan-2010 3188
C# Which operators in C# provides automatic detection of arithmetic overflow and underflow conditions? 21-Jan-2010 3411
C# What is the use of stackalloc keyword in C#? 21-Jan-2010 4737
C# Which keyword in C# is used to temporarily fix a variable so that its address may be found? 21-Jan-2010 3592
C# What are the different C# preprocessor directives? 21-Jan-2010 3742
C# What is the use of GetInvocationList() in C# delegates? 21-Jan-2010 8291
C# C# delegate keyword is derived form which namespace? 21-Jan-2010 4085
Sql Server What is the output of the following query? SELECT TRUNC(1234.5678,­2) FROM DUAL; 21-Jan-2010 5993
Networking What is subnet? 21-Jan-2010 4564
Sql Server What are the three levels of data abstraction? 21-Jan-2010 77397
ADO.NET What are the benefits of ADO.NET? 21-Jan-2010 20995
ADO.NET What are the components of .NET DataProvider? 21-Jan-2010 7279
ADO.NET What are the differences between ADO and ADO.NET? 21-Jan-2010 3755
ASP.NET ASP.Net pages are compiled and are not interpreted. True or False. 21-Jan-2010 3467
Others In Microsoft Windows XP, XP stands for what? 21-Jan-2010 4815
OOPS Static methods can not use non static members. True or False. 21-Jan-2010 5521
OOPS Static datamembers should be initialized inside the constructor. True or False. 21-Jan-2010 6081
C# What is the use of unsafe keyword in C#? 25-Dec-2009 7193
.NET Framework What is the use of System.Web namespace? 25-Dec-2009 4214

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