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C# You can derive an abstract class from another abstract class. In that case, in the child class it is optional to make the implementation of the abstract methods of the parent class....! 13-Nov-2011 7785
LINQ Tell me the exact difference between IQueryable and IEnumerable interface ? 08-Nov-2011 12603
ASP.NET When a dynamic compilation of a website project is bad ? 07-Nov-2011 3589
WCF Which file specifies the name and location of the class that implements the WCF service ? 02-Nov-2011 25390
WCF If you define additional methods in the WCF service that are not in the service contract, will it be visible to client applications ? 01-Nov-2011 33659
WCF What does the namespace "System.Runtime.Serialization" exactly do in WCF ? 30-Oct-2011 6727
WCF Which namespace is used by WCF to define services and their operations ? 30-Oct-2011 24913
WCF What is the key architectural principles behind Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) ? 29-Oct-2011 6483
WCF What is Asynchronous Messaging ? 27-Oct-2011 6310
ASP.NET What is the difference between a Label and Literal control in ? 24-Oct-2011 19655
VB.NET What is the exact difference between Functions and Subs in VB.NET ? 02-Oct-2011 4629
VB.NET In VB.NET, can we write like this ? If VariableName > 7 Or < 10 Some Code here 01-Oct-2011 7091
jQuery How to give alert message in jQuery on a Button Click ? 30-Sep-2011 9902
C# Can you Explain the following code ? public class Myclass() { private Myclass() { } } 15-Sep-2011 9270
Sql Server In SQL Server Database, what is the basic difference between a table scan and an index scan ? 04-Sep-2011 5146
C# Hashtable is a part of which namespace in Dotnet Framework ? 18-Aug-2011 9829
ASP.NET Can we run application without WEB.CONFIG file ? 08-Jun-2011 19385
.NET Framework What is the difference between a strong and weak named assemblies? 07-Jun-2011 14314
ASP.NET What is viewstate in ASP.NET ? 04-Jun-2011 8082
Sql Server In SQL Server, between Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication, which one is trusted and which one is untrusted? 31-May-2011 5761

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