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C# What type of object is required when starting a thread that requires a single parameter? 19-Apr-2012 5401
C# Which of the following attributes should you add to a class to enable it to be serialized? 19-Apr-2012 5362
Sql Server Is there a way to decrypt stored procedure? 20-Apr-2012 2753
Sql Server How a procedure can be encrypted? 17-Apr-2012 2018
Sql Server What is sp_config command? 19-Apr-2012 3381
JavaScript How to change a label value using javascript? 18-Apr-2012 5826
JavaScript How to write in browser page using javascript? 18-Apr-2012 2569
Sql Server What is the difference between primary key and unique key? 17-Apr-2012 2185
Sql Server What is limiation of #TEMP table? 17-Apr-2012 2405
Sql Server How can we create a global temporary table? 17-Apr-2012 2227
Sql Server How to create a local temporary able? 17-Apr-2012 1964
Sql Server How to drop a constraint? 17-Apr-2012 1991
Sql Server What is check constraint? 17-Apr-2012 1986
Sql Server Unique key can have two null values? 17-Apr-2012 2410
WCF How can I encrypt sensitive data in the WCF configuration file? 13-Apr-2012 3986
Sql Server What is Coalesce? 13-Apr-2012 2907
JavaScript How will you create new object in javascript? 12-Apr-2012 2236
Sql Server Syantax to create a stored procedure. 13-Apr-2012 2151
Sql Server What is syntax to execute a stored procedure? 13-Apr-2012 2315
Sql Server What is the syntax to create a table? 13-Apr-2012 2262

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