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WCF Why it is dangerous to send a oneway message in WCF ? 14-Oct-2012 3317
WCF In WCF, is returning a void return type returns anything ? 14-Oct-2012 4165
WCF What is a WCF Test Client ? 14-Oct-2012 3743
WCF ServiceContract, DataContract and MessageContract maps to which web services standard ? 14-Oct-2012 3616
WCF What namespace is used by ASMX and WCF respectively for serialization ? 14-Oct-2012 3263
WCF Give some examples of varying address in WCF ? 09-Oct-2012 3280
WCF What is meant by WS Addressing Standard in WCF ? 09-Oct-2012 4096
WCF In WCF, if your service wants an authentication before it is used then what is the best way to handle an authentication mechanism with WCF? 09-Oct-2012 3188
WCF In WCF, suppose you have a derived class inherited from a datacontract class, will the derived class automatically have a datacontract as well ? 09-Oct-2012 3605
ASP.NET What does the .(dot) represents in Server.MapPath method ? 09-Oct-2012 2526
ASP.NET What does the /(forward slash) represents in Server.MapPath method ? 09-Oct-2012 2480
ASP.NET What does the ..(double dot) represents in Server.MapPath method ? 09-Oct-2012 2459
ASP.NET What does MapPath method actually do ? 08-Oct-2012 2587
ASP.NET What happens when the web.config file is made any changes and saved in the live server ? 01-Oct-2012 2768
HTML 5 In HTML 5, what is the declaration of the doctype ? 23-Jun-2012 3074
Sql Server What is meaning of COUNT(DISTINCT column_name) ? 31-May-2012 9005
OOPS Can a constructors that is declared within a base class, inherited by subclasses ? Yes or No 08-Jun-2012 18380
C# It is not possible for one structure to inherit functionality from another structure or class. True or False ? 07-Jun-2012 4989
C# Can a "struct" contain parameter-less constructor or default constructor ? 07-Jun-2012 3689
WCF In what are the different ways a WCF Metadata can be accessed ? 05-Jun-2012 3684

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