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C# Write a code snippet for swapping two variables without using third variable.. 14-Nov-2012 3084
C# Write a program that implements dynamic polymorphism. 14-Nov-2012 3634
Sql Server I have the following EmployeeMaster table in Test database. empID empName empStatus 1 Naga A 2 Sundar A 3 Siva A 4 Shankar A 5 Kevin NULL 6 Kumar I In Empstatus column we are having four Active employees,one inactive employee and one employee without any status that is NULL. If I run the following query, how many rows will be returned by SQL Server? select * from EmployeeMaster where empStatus <> 'A' 11-Nov-2012 3827
C# What is the value of variable "i" at the end of the function? public static void Main(string[] args) { int i=0; for(i=0;i<=9;i++) { //do some thing } Console.WriteLine("{0}",i); Console.Read(); } 09-Nov-2012 4081
Sql Server We have two tables one is employee and another one is City. Employee table has empCityID column which is a foreign key of city table's CityID. Write a query such that all cities should come and count of employees in each city and result should be in descending order of number of employees in each city. If no employee in particular city then it should come with zero. The table is as follows: City Table --------------- cityID cityName 1 Chennai 2 Mumbai 3 New Delhi 4 Kolkatta EmployeeTable --------------------- empID empName empCity 1 Naga 1 2 Siva 1 3 Shankar 2 4 Sundar 3 5 Kevin 1 6 Rajesh 1 7 Karthick 2 8 John 2 9 Shah 3 10 Lal 3 11 Paul 3 12 Zinda 3 29-Oct-2012 3404
LINQ Write a code snippet for Left outer join using LINQ? 27-Oct-2012 4423

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