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ASP.NET Which is the base class of all validation controls in ? 05-Jun-2012 3564
ASP.NET Validation Controls in Asp.Net are available in which namespace ? 05-Jun-2012 4198
Sql Server If you have specified NOT NULL Constraint, will that column allow 'blank' as a value ? 01-Jun-2012 9689
C# Can we define two main methods in an application ? 02-Jun-2012 5814
Sql Server Does the view continue to exist if the table is dropped from the database ? 02-Jun-2012 2644
Sql Server Can you update the data in a view? 02-Jun-2012 2654
Sql Server Advantages for using a View in SQL Server ? 02-Jun-2012 2821
Sql Server Can we define multiple Unique Keys in a table ? 01-Jun-2012 2703
Sql Server Are the two statements same :- select custid from tbl_order; select All custid from tbl_order; 31-May-2012 4814
Sql Server There are two tables, customer table has 5 rows and the order table has 8 rows. How many will be generated when the following query is executed against the database :- select * from tbl_customer, tbl_order; 31-May-2012 4741
Sql Server In SQL Server, what is the difference between Count(*) and Count(column_name) ? 31-May-2012 3129
Sql Server If we can execute multiple sql statements inside a stored procedure. What will be the result of this stored procedure ? create procedure usp_test as begin select * from order_table select * from product_table end 30-May-2012 2984
LINQ Briefly can you explain the purpose of LINQ providers ? 14-Oct-2011 7435
C# Can we declare abstract keyword on fields in a class ? 30-May-2012 3790
C# When any method is declared as abstract then it is necessary to declare the class as abstract. True or False ? 30-May-2012 2267
C# By default, what is the access specifier of member variables and member function of a class ? 30-May-2012 5160
C# In Method Overriding, the return type can be changed while overriding it ? Yes or No 30-May-2012 3792
C# While doing Method Overloading, return type must be same. True or False ? 30-May-2012 5733
ASP.NET What is the difference between Forms authentication and login controls ? 18-May-2012 3489
jQuery How will you Encode/Decode URL in jQuery ? 18-May-2012 5858

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