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ASP.NET How will you access the Application object value in a different page ? 15-May-2012 2763
ASP.NET In Asp.Net Forms Authentication, what are the two ways where you can specify the timeout property ? 09-May-2012 2896
ASP.NET Briefly list the steps of Form Authentication process ? 09-May-2012 2465
QA (Testing) What is the basic dll of the NUNIT Unit Testing Framework ? 22-Jan-2012 3936
C# Can you declare the override method as static while the original method is non-static ? 09-May-2011 15718
ASP.NET In ASP.NET Session Management, State Server uses which process to store the data ? 19-May-2012 4775
ASP.NET If any fields/property/method is declared as static, will the data be global? True or False 19-May-2012 4008
ASP.NET What is the significance of duration attribute of @OutputCache page directive ? 19-May-2012 3158
ASP.NET A Web form that is frequently used and does not contain data that frequently changes is good for caching ? True or False 18-May-2012 3467
ASP.NET Mention 2 advantages of Passport Authentication ? 18-May-2012 3168
ASP.NET Explain briefly, how Passport authentication works ? 18-May-2012 3187
ASP.NET What is reason for the use of Partial Classes in .net? 18-May-2012 3291
ASP.NET What is Fragment Caching ? 18-May-2012 3492
WCF Can you show a sample of Duplex Contract in WCF ? 18-May-2012 6611
WCF What is the primary reason for which Duplex Contract is used in WCF ? 18-May-2012 3262
WCF What are the 3 message patterns available in WCF ? 18-May-2012 3450
WCF What is duplex contract in WCF? 18-May-2012 3315
WCF What is Sessionful Services in WCF One Way Contract ? 17-May-2012 3877
WCF Is the below code correct :- [ServiceContract] interface IMyContract { [OperationContract(IsOneWay = true)] int MyMethod( ); } 17-May-2012 5034
WCF How is WCF One Way Contract is implemented ? 17-May-2012 3540

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