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SharePoint Mention the ways to initiate the workflow in Sharepoint ? 31-Aug-2012 2857
SharePoint What is the command to take backup and restore for sharepoint site ? 31-Aug-2012 2642
SharePoint What is meant by a Site definition ? 31-Aug-2012 2929
SharePoint What are Site Columns ? 31-Aug-2012 2701
SharePoint Where is stsadm located ? 31-Aug-2012 2704
SharePoint What is meant by stsadm ? 31-Aug-2012 2805
SharePoint What are event receivers or event Handlers in SharePoint ? 31-Aug-2012 5176
SharePoint What is meant by Central administration ? 31-Aug-2012 2447
SharePoint What is BDC ? 31-Aug-2012 2546
SharePoint What is meant by a SharePoint Theme ? 31-Aug-2012 2478
SharePoint What is Custom action ? 31-Aug-2012 2543
SharePoint What is meant by CAML ? 31-Aug-2012 2490
SharePoint What is the use of a .ddf file ? 31-Aug-2012 2804
SharePoint Explain about Solutions in Sharepoint ? 31-Aug-2012 2282
SharePoint Does a SharePoint Web site include search functionality ? 31-Aug-2012 2158
SharePoint Is it possible to link the SharePoint to an external data source ? 31-Aug-2012 2106
SharePoint Discuss about the security levels which are assigned to users ? 31-Aug-2012 1824
SharePoint Explain about picture libraries ? 31-Aug-2012 2218
SharePoint Is it possible to get the domain name for a Web site ? 31-Aug-2012 1897
SharePoint How much time does it take to set up the initial team Web site ? 31-Aug-2012 2052

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