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C# you need to identify Is Always a number Is Always greater than a 65,535 23-Oct-2013 4924
C# You have created an assembly that utilizes unmanaged code to access external resources. You need to deploy the assembly with the appropriate permissions. Which permission set should you use? 25-Sep-2013 4409
C# You have an application that is used by international clients. All clients connect by using Windows Authentication. You need to ensure that system and user-defined error messages are displayed in the localized language for the clients. 25-Sep-2013 4525
C# Your application uses two threads, named threadOne and threadTwo. You need to modify the code to prevent the execution of threadOne until threadTwo completes execution. What should you do? 25-Sep-2013 5134
C# You need to create a method to clear a Queue named q. 25-Sep-2013 7395
C# You need to write a multicast delegate that accepts a DateTime argument which code type you can choose 25-Sep-2013 5193
ASP.NET Differentiate between a page theme and a global theme? 25-Sep-2013 3808
ASP.NET ASP .Net Page class, in which of them would you attach an event handler to an event published by a control on the web page? 20-Sep-2013 5882
.NET Framework Why can't you open a new browser window from within server code? 30-Jul-2013 3098
.NET Framework What is the main difference between the Button server control and the Button Html control? 30-Jul-2013 3191
.NET Framework List the EmpNo,EName,Sal Daily Sal of all Emps in the ascending order of annual salary? 30-Jul-2013 8095
.NET Framework write a query the name ends with 'i' using sql server? 29-Jul-2013 3409
.NET Framework write a query name starts with 's' using sql server? 29-Jul-2013 3078
.NET Framework write a query allow only 4 characters in name column using sql server? 29-Jul-2013 3085
.NET Framework How to allow only alphabets using regular expression validator? 29-Jul-2013 4829
.NET Framework How many generations in Gc within managed heap and what are the default sizes? 29-Jul-2013 5970
Sql Server what is the max size of rows in a particular table 16-Jul-2013 4730
Sql Server how to detect the product level,product version and edition in sql server 2008 16-Jul-2013 3073
ASP.NET In.Net which is the parent class to create all windows service? 25-Jun-2013 5290
Sql Server how to change the database owner? 23-Jun-2013 6813

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