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Others What is the use of CEILING function in ORACLE? 25-Feb-2010 8948
Others Which is called as "Soroban"? 27-Jul-2010 3681
OOPS What is "this" pointer? 27-Jul-2010 9664
Others How a pointer stores address? 27-Jul-2010 3729
Sql Server What is "Locking" concept in DBMS? 27-Jul-2010 15478
Sql Server What is a "dead lock"? 27-Jul-2010 4536
Sql Server What is "Functional Dependency"? 27-Jul-2010 5621
OOPS A constructor can be private. True or False 21-Jan-2010 8650
LINQ Which assembly represents the core LINQ API? 28-Feb-2010 9316
LINQ What is the use of System.Data.DLinq.dll? 28-Feb-2010 8989
LINQ What is the use of System.XML.XLinq.dll? 28-Feb-2010 7553
VB.NET To define abstract method which keyword is used in VB? 28-Feb-2010 4927
VB.NET To define abstract class in VB which keyword is used? 28-Feb-2010 7324
VB.NET Equivalent keyword of new in VB? 28-Feb-2010 13874
VB.NET What is the keyword used in VB to carry out the work of virtual keyword of C#? 28-Feb-2010 6458
.NET Framework Which namespace is used to create an Exception Tree? 28-Feb-2010 4596
.NET Framework Which namespace is used to work with RSS feeds in .NET? 28-Feb-2010 3408
.NET Framework Which class is the base class of all the exception classes? 28-Feb-2010 4165
.NET Framework What is the use of System.SystemException namespace? 28-Feb-2010 3476
.NET Framework Which namespace provides classes for Regular Expression? 28-Feb-2010 3270

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