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Sql Server What is the default extended event session to capture Deadlocks? 31-Aug-2017 26839
Sql Server What is the best alternate for SQL Profiler as it is being deprecated in future releases? 31-Aug-2017 21724
Sql Server can we drop versioning enabled tables (Temporal table)? DROP TABLE dbo.TableName 31-Aug-2017 25945
Sql Server Can we mark an existing table as Temporal table? 31-Aug-2017 9991
Sql Server Can we TRUNCATE a Temporal Table? 31-Aug-2017 11927
Sql Server Can we update DATETIME2 columns that are defined as GENERATED ALWAYS ON in Temporal Table? 31-Aug-2017 6628
Sql Server What happens if you define DATETIME2 columns as Nullable in Temporal table ? CREATE TABLE Employee (    [EmployeeID] int NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED   , [Name] nvarchar(100) NOT NULL   , [ValidFrom] datetime2 (2) GENERATED ALWAYS AS ROW START NULL   , [ValidTo] datetime2 (2) GENERATED ALWAYS AS ROW END   , PERIOD FOR SYSTEM_TIME (ValidFrom, ValidTo)  )   WITH (SYSTEM_VERSIONING = ON (HISTORY_TABLE = dbo.EmployeeHistory)); 31-Aug-2017 5951
Sql Server which of the following clause is used to define DATETIME2 columns in Temporal Table? 31-Aug-2017 4977
Sql Server what are the columns to be defined for Temporal Table? 31-Aug-2017 5096
Sql Server can we create Temporal Table with out Primary Key column? 31-Aug-2017 5929
Sql Server which options makes a SQL table as temporal table in SQL Server 2016? 31-Aug-2017 4751
Sql Server You have below table CREATE TABLE Inventory (ItemID int NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, ProductsInStore int NOT NULL, ProductsInWarehouse int NOT NULL) How to create a computed column that returns the sum total of the ProductsInStore and ProductsInWarehouse values for each row ? 29-Aug-2017 4495
Sql Server Which Path parameter in the below JSON code snippet would NOT result in an error when used by JSON_VALUE in strict mode? DECLARE @jsonInfo VARCHAR(MAX) SET @jsonInfo = N'{ "info":{ "type":1, "address":{ "town":"Hyd", "state":"TS" "country": "India" }, "tags":["sport", "Water Polo"] }, "type":"Basic" }' 29-Aug-2017 3832
Sql Server In which order should the below clauses be used in the query that works out the count of products within each category by grouping on the category, filtering by categories that contain more than one product and then sorting the results in category order ? 29-Aug-2017 3497
Sql Server The id_num column of the below table is an auto increment column but what do the 2 numbers after the IDENTITY clause mean? CREATE TABLE new_employees ( id_num int IDENTITY(100,10), fname varchar (20), minit char(1), lname varchar(30) ) 29-Aug-2017 3824
Sql Server What is wrong with the below T-SQL batch statement ? @find varchar(30); SET @find = 'ABC'; SELECT LastName FROM Person WHERE LastName = @find; 29-Aug-2017 3911
Sql Server Here is the JSON string DECLARE @jsonInfo VARCHAR(MAX) SET @jsonInfo = N'{ "info":{ "type":1, "address":{ "town":"Hyd", "state":"TS" "country": "India" }, "tags":["sport", "Water Polo"] }, "type":"Basic" }' what is the output of below query ? JSON_QUERY(jsonString, '$') 29-Aug-2017 4178
Sql Server The table includes a DATETIME column named EventTime that stores the date and time of each Event. There is a non-clustered index on the EventTime column. To create a report that displays the total number of events happened on the current day, You need to write a query that will return the correct results in the most efficient manner. Which T-SQL query should you use? 29-Aug-2017 4171
Sql Server which inbuilt function can be used to know the id value of the last row that was inserted, rather than re-run another query just to get the maximum id value ? 29-Aug-2017 3624
Sql Server which of the following clause is used to return SQL resultset in JSON format in SQL Server2016? 29-Aug-2017 3533

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