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ASP.NET What is the use of Global.asax file? 04-Dec-2012 9576
Sql Server What is the binding order or logical processing order for the following query? SELECT DISTINCT(sDepartment) FROM tblEmployee WHERE EMPID BETWEEN 1000 AND 2000 Please select the correct order of the above query execution. 04-Dec-2012 9383
C# Does Private methods also gets inherited in C#? 04-Dec-2012 10306
C# What is the output of the following code snippet? class Program { public string GetMarks(int Marks) { if ((Marks >= 100) && (Marks < 80)) return "Very good"; else if ((Marks >= 80 && Marks < 100)) return "good"; else if (Marks <= 60) return "failure"; else if (Marks >= 60 && Marks < 90) return "good"; else return "No records found"; } static void Main(string[] args) { Program pObj = new Program(); Console.WriteLine(pObj.GetMarks(60)); } } 04-Dec-2012 5085
Sql Server Which of the following query will give the DAY of today? (if today is Sunday menas Sunday should come) 04-Dec-2012 7987
C# What is the differnence between StringBuilder and String? 04-Dec-2012 3146
ADO.NET Which method of the SQlCommand class used to read the data from top to bottom with connected architecture environment? 03-Dec-2012 4553
ASP.NET Write a program in ASP.NET - C# that use to connects to Database and fetch the data using data adapter and bind it in grid view using dataset. 03-Dec-2012 3670
Sql Server You have a Employe table with EmpId, EmpName, EmpAge. There are 5 records as of now. EmpId is a primary key with identity column. Now the identity value is 5. You need to start the identity value from 10 instead of 6. Write the query for that? 03-Dec-2012 3091
Sql Server I have a table with only one column that too identity column. How can you insert the data? Say for example: CREATE TABLE OnlyIdentity ( NSID int identity(1,1) ) 03-Dec-2012 4597
Sql Server You have a Studets table as follows. The student table doesn't contains SlNo. You need to create a reoprt with SlNo. Write a query that add SlNo with the result set. The student Master table is : StuID SName Marks S001 Naga 98 S102 Sundar 92 S203 Ganesh 95 S158 John 85 S211 Kumar 90 03-Dec-2012 2507
Sql Server I have a employe table which has SlNo as Identity column. Currently the identity is 100. Now due to some reason last 50 rows (SlNo 51-100) has been removed. Now write a synatx to reset the identity to 51. 03-Dec-2012 2424
Sql Server What is the difference between GetDate() and SysDateTime() in SQL Server 2008? 03-Dec-2012 9820
ASP.NET Which namespace will you inherit to work with SQLConnection classes? 03-Dec-2012 5290
ASP.NET Which is the part of ADO.NET Data Provider that acts as communication between the Dataset and the Datasource? 01-Dec-2012 5004
C# What is Lamda Operator? Explain with code. 01-Dec-2012 2944
ASP.NET What are the ways to achieve State Management in ASP.NET? 01-Dec-2012 2505
C# What is the difference between ArrayList and Generic List in C#? 01-Dec-2012 5852
Sql Server Write a SQL Query to find the second maximum salary without using TOP keyword. Consider the following Employee table EmpID Salary 1 1000 2 2000 3 5200 4 7855 5 4000 6 6500 7 7000 01-Dec-2012 3580
Sql Server You have a Transaction table which is very important table because it contains all data of transacations that happend from beginning. You have a transaction log table. If there is any modification done in transacations table automatically the old data for that row should be inserted in Transaction Log table. How will you achive this? 30-Nov-2012 4223

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