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WCF What is the use of Is Required Property in Data Contracts? 26-May-2011 7094
C# Difference Between String and StringBuilder 07-Sep-2009 8668
ADO.NET To improve the performance and scalability of your .NET application. Which one of the following techniques would help?. 07-Sep-2009 18227
ASP.NET NET class that reads data from a database. Inside this class you need to use a SqlDataReader to read back any records returned from the database. What property of the DataReader should you check before attempting to read any records? 07-Sep-2009 12474
ASP.NET Which ADO.NET class allows you to specify SQL text to execute, one or more parameters and also choose a specific SQL connection to run against? 07-Sep-2009 13451
ASP.NET What is cross page posting in ASP.NET2.0 ? 07-Sep-2009 12926
Design Pattern & Practices The IHttpHandler and IHttpHandlerFactory interfaces ? 07-Sep-2009 10957
WCF Difference between WCF and Web services? 07-Sep-2009 40545
WCF What are the various ways of hosting a WCF service? 07-Sep-2009 10491
WCF What is three major points in WCF? 07-Sep-2009 14948
Sql Server What's the difference between DELETE TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE commands? 21-Jul-2008 10492
C# Difference between classes and structures? 06-Sep-2008 25927
ADO.NET What is the purpose of connection pooling in ADO.NET? 06-Sep-2008 11235
Others What’s the difference between // comments, /* */ comments and /// comments? 06-Sep-2008 11306
Sql Server what is the diff between a HAVING CLAUSE and a WHERE CLAUSE? 24-Jul-2008 12592
ASP.NET How many types of cookies are there in ASP.NET ? 24-Jul-2008 31553
C# Types of Errors ? 22-Jul-2008 9100
ASP.NET What event handlers can I include in Global.asax? 22-Jul-2008 7602
Web Services, Remoting What are the remotable and non-remotable objects in .Net Remoting. 22-Jul-2008 7728
Web Services, Remoting Describe the type of remotable objects in .Net Remoting. 22-Jul-2008 6757

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