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Others What is Cryptography? 01-Nov-2010 3641
C# What is properties? What are the different types of properties? 01-Nov-2010 5280
Sql Server What is Stored Procedure? What is the advantage of these? 18-Oct-2010 2977
ASP.NET What is the use of @Page Directive? 18-Oct-2010 4216
Others Give the Expansions of CORBA,RMI,RPC,WSDL,SDL,IDL,NASSL,WDS ,UCS,UTF 18-Oct-2010 5070
ASP.NET What is DataSet and DataView? 13-Oct-2010 5615
Others What is Add-Ins? 13-Oct-2010 3289
Others Give the Expansion of WSDL, JSON, DSML, PNRP, WPF, WCF, WWF, LINQ 11-Oct-2010 19664
Project Management What are the different phases of SDLC? 12-Oct-2010 14305
C# What are the Integer Type Supported by c#? 12-Oct-2010 4011
Sql Server What does the Group By clause mean when used in databases? 11-Oct-2010 5329
.NET Framework In .NET, which namespace contains classes used to a)Create a localized application? b)Develop Web Forms? c)Create Web server controls? d)Access Sql Server? e)Read a File? 11-Oct-2010 3445
Networking By default, which TCP/IP port number do these applications run on? a) Sql Server b) HTTP c) HTTPS 11-Oct-2010 4427
Sql Server What do these keywords mean with respect to Sql Server? a) @@Identity b) @@Rowcount c) @@Error 11-Oct-2010 3785
WCF Which protocol is used for platform-independent communication? 11-Oct-2010 8677
WCF What are the various ways of hosting a WCF Service? 08-Oct-2010 4783
Others What is HRESULT? 05-Oct-2010 4464
Others Which Command is used for viewing the windows registry contents? Mention some of the registry keys? 05-Oct-2010 4069
Others What you mean by Presentation Logic, Business Logic, Data Tier? 05-Oct-2010 5710
.NET Framework Which namespace contains the classes that required to serialize an object? Explain Object Serialization? 06-Oct-2010 4369

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