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Category Interview Questions Title
Sql Server What are the different authentications in sql server 03-Feb-2011 3991
Sql Server What are the advantages of using Stored procedure 31-Jan-2011 8086
Web Services, Remoting What components will be published when deploy a webservice application? 29-Jan-2011 3357
Web Services, Remoting What is SOAP Protocol? 29-Jan-2011 8330
Sql Server What is the maximum number of parameters SQL Stored procedure can have? 28-Jan-2011 11116
Sql Server What is normalization? 28-Jan-2011 6061
ASP.NET How to protect the view state from tampering 27-Jan-2011 5430
ADO.NET What type of Architecture is a Dataset in .Net Framework 16-Jan-2011 11612
ADO.NET From which Interface the sqlconnetion class is derived 16-Jan-2011 5536
Sql Server What is an index? 08-Jan-2011 7566
Sql Server What are the index combination's a table can have? 08-Jan-2011 3946
Sql Server What is a view? 08-Jan-2011 4221
Sql Server What are cross joins? 08-Jan-2011 3783
Sql Server What is UNIQUE KEY constraint 08-Jan-2011 3896
WCF Advantages of Hosting WCF in IIS 04-Jan-2011 14427
ADO.NET How to access database using ADO.Net 04-Jan-2011 3680
WCF What are the different WCF binding available? 04-Jan-2011 6323

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