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Posted on:2/10/2008 2:59:41 AM

06 Feb 2008: Cool offer added for the visitors of www.dotnetfunda.com who are interested to contribute by writing articles, tutorials or answering questions.

10 Feb 2008: Added Search section. This enables you to search through all the articles and questions for specific keyword.

23 Feb 2008: Added Link Exchange section. This enables community website to participate in Link Exchange program.

8 Mar 2008: Added Silverlight tutorials with demo and sample code.

21 Apr 2008: Modified Silverlight tutorials to make more easier to understand and implement.

7 Apr 2008: Introduced Interview section. Helpful for aspirants facing job interviews. If you have appeared for interview recently and have questions, please submit.

19 May 2008: Introduced Computainment!!! section. Release your work pressure by reading and posting Jokes.

30 May 2008: Introducted .NET Resources, a single place for all latest articles, blogs and forums.

29 June 2008: Added ASP.NET AJAX Tutorials with Demo project and Source code.

31 Aug 2008: Published RSS Feed for all sections of the website using either FeedBurner or Directly using RSS url.

15 Aug 2008:  Official DotNetFunda.Com blog, watch out all latest happening in DotNetFunda.Com.

27 Sep 2008:  Code Snippets section, a place to share tips and tricks to develop web applications.

23 Nov 2008:  Latest IT activities section, one stop place to get all top-notch articles from most trusted websites.

23 Nov 2008:  Forums section, a place to ask and discuss about Microsoft technologies related queries.

2 Nov 2008:  jQuery tutorials, tutorials of jQuery, a light weight JavaScript library.

1 Jan 2009:  Opportunity section, a place to submit your profile for better opportunity.

4 Jan 2009:  Interviews section, Interview from experience of successful people in their career.

17 May 2009:  Career Advice section, Ask any career related question from our experts having massive experience in Software Industry.

06 Sep 2009: Moved Opportunity section to IT Jobs to reflect its real purpose and meaning as well as easy to find for the visitors. Also more fields have been added to submit other necessary details.

30-Sep-2009: Exclusive Interview section, trusted and proven real time interview questions from Questpond (Shivprasad Koirala).

20-Oct-2009: All submitted articles now will go through review process before publishing to the website to avoid copied contents and ensure the quality of the article.

09-Nov-2009: Video Tutorials section is live, learn ASP.NET, Silverlight, LINQ, Sharepoint etc. through videos.

16-Jan-2010: User Level and User Status added.

06-Feb-2010: "Article of the Day" added.

06-Mar-2010: Online Session added.

06-Mar-2010: Store added

06-Mar-2010: All interview questions will now go through approval process before publishing to the website to maintain the high standard of the content.

24-Mar-2010: Votes and Ratings for Articles.

10-Apr-2010: Released .NET Interview FAQs by DNF Team.

24-Jul-2010: First time DotNetFunda.Com MVP (http://www.dotnetfunda.com/misc/page14.aspx#mvp) declared for the year 2009-2010.

14-Aug-2010: Introduced Points to the member for almost every contribution to the website.

05-Aug-2010: Questpond Priority Support integration in the Forums

06-Aug-2010: Exclusive Interview Questions from Deccansoft

09-Jan-2011: Blogs added.

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26-Feb-2014: Introduced Virtual Interview.

1-Mar-2014: Introduced Recommended for Job.

1-Mar-2014: Introduced Search Candidate for Employers.

2-Feb-2015: Any URL with invalid characters like "@" is not allowed.

1-Mar-2015: Co-authoring an article is possible now.

7-Sep-2015: Mobile/Screen/Device friendly website (90% of the pages).

21-Oct-2015: Changed the theme of the website (first time since launch)