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Posted on:2/2/2010 12:27:53 PM
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Greetings from DotNetFunda.Com !!!. 

How to attend these free online training sessions?

These sessions are conducted through Microsoft live meeting and below are details. You will need to install Microsoft Live meeting on your system. Please read "How can I install and test my live meeting?" section below to install and test your Live meeting.

Meeting ID: will be sent to your email id before the session scheduled date and time.


Current schedules are available at 

How to nominate for these online training sessions?

Go to and see [How to nominate?] details.

Please note that these sessions are on first come first serve basis and seats are limited candidates. Please ensure your are logged in sharply at the specified India Standard Time (IST) on the scheduled date so that you do not miss it.
How can I install and test my live meeting?

Do no test live meeting during the course, we have setup a separate department who can help you to test your live meeting, so that you do not face problems.

  1. Install live meeting from
  2. Then click on 'Accept terms and install client'. After installation open the "Live Meeting" by clicking on the Start Menu from your local machine.
  3. Enter the details as given below: 
  4. Once you are into the meeting room send an email to  or call 022-66752917 to ensure that your MIC and displays are working properly. One of our operators will login to ensure you can use live meeting properly.
Can I test my .NET interview skills now?

Yes, you can call to 91-9967590707 (Questpond) to assess your skills on .NET interview.

For any further questions on these online sessions, please contact at

Thank you and enjoy learning.

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