Seeking support from .NET Community

Posted on:2/10/2009 4:22:06 PM
Dear Member,

As you know this website is developed and maintained by Mr. Sheo Narayan in his personal time. As we are growing and getting more & more traffic, it is difficult for him to keep track of everything.

Seeing future strategy, we have decided to seek support from our selected members to maintain different sections of the website. If you are interested to be a part of DotNetFunda.Com team, please send your proposal to webmaster[ @ ] or dotnetfunda[ @]

Sections for which we are looking for moderators are:

  1. Articles
  2. Interview Questions and Answers
  3. Interviews (To take interview from successful personalities and post on the website)
  4. Codes
  5. Forums
  6. Blogs
  7. Career Advice panel members (to answer Career related question - only for highly experienced person)

Here are some FAQs about this.

1: Why you have decided to go to the community to maintain the website? 

As explained above, in the recent past we have grown multiple times and we see a lot of potential to grow in future and have strategies ready for it. We feel that our founder, Mr. Sheo Narayan may not be able to give enough time to post contents, maintain and review the contents published by the members and he feels that this will be injustice for the website and its visitors.

2: What will be expected by me, If I become a member of DotNetFunda.Com team? 

Not much, we shall allocate you one of the section of the website (you may propose your desired section), you are expected to do following things for that section. 

  • As you will be the moderator for that section, you are expected to keep track of every new posts. If spam, disable it. Review the contents of the post and if needed modify the content (formatting and sometime grammatical correction) to make it more readable and easily understandable. 
  • As this will be your section so you are expected to keep it fresh to keep visitors interest (you are not expected to contribute everyday, but the more the better).
3. Can I participate in different sections of DotNetFunda.Com despite being moderator of a section?

Yes, as a member of DotNetFunda.Com, keep participating in different sections of DotNetFunda.Com. 

4: How will I be able to modify selected section? 

We shall provide you a moderator panel with appropriate credential to do that.

5: How much time is expected from me everyday for this work? 

It depends on you but we expect you to browse that section on daily basis and review any new post, moderate it if required (Normally, it doesn't need any moderation). Of course to contribute in that section, you may need to give some more time, so it totally depends on you and your ability.

6: What if sometimes, I won't be able to give expected time? 

No problem, we know that this is not your primary job and you are doing this because of your interest in the community or hobby or as a passion, just let us know and we shall take care on your behalf for requested period of time.

7: Is it necessary to contribute in that section? 

Yes/No. As this website is a community driven website and contents are posted by its members so you are not forced to contribute every day but Ideally we expect you to contribute in that section to keep it informative for the visitors, to increase your knowledge and experience, after all the more you share the more you learn and the more you learn the more you earn.

8: Are we going to be paid for this / My name will be published as a team member? 

May be & may not, at least not right now. We may occasionally extend our thanks to you by giving some gifts or paying something but it is not guaranteed and we do not want to make a fake promise. Of course, we may publish your name and other details on the website as part of the DotNetFunda.Com team (if you desire not to publish your name, we will not).

9: Can I be a moderator of other website being a moderator of

Our preferable answer would be No as we understand that you will be doing Moderation in your part time or free time so we believe it will be difficult for you to justify the time and work as a moderator on more than one websites.

10: Can I post content on other website being a moderator of

Yes/No. Its a matter of choice and how you take it. When you are opting to be a moderator, we believe you trust on us and believe on the work we have done or are doing. You want to dedicate your time and effort as a team of DotNetFunda.Com and want to grow with us. When you post content (Articles, Blogs etc.) on other website, it seems to others that you are working here and supporting others and it doesn't show the complete dedication.

When you submit the same content on other website, that content is treated as Duplicate content and it decreases the credibility and standard of the website. In a way it is a disrespect of time & effort you spend as a team here. 

Its like working for company A and supporting company B. So we prefer not to do it. However you are free to post your content on your blog, if you wish.

11: Can you provide me any certificate or ID Proof that I am a member of DotNetFunda.Com team.

Of course, if you require a certificate, we can provide a certificate after 4 months of continued contribution. We do not provide ID proof.

12: If we are not getting paid for what we are doing, why should I do? 

Very good question. I think there might be better answer to this question than written here but let us try to answer them and apologies if we couldn't convince you. We do not get paid for browsing other websites, contributing to them either as a visitor, contributor or as an author of the post despite that we do it, just because we love doing that. We feel better and satisfied. As our founder says, he has learnt so much while developing and writing contents for this website and there are many things he couldn't have learnt if he would not have developed this website. He always says, he is still learning and a lot are there still to learn but he finds lack of time. He says that he has not got monetary benefit that can compensate his time he has dedicated to this website but the sense of satisfaction and experience he has got is priceless !.

Are you ready to be part of DotNetFunda.Com team?, please send your proposal with your wish to maintain a particular section at above mentioned email id.

(Know about our current team structure.)

Thank you for your time
Warm regards,