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    Here are some things to consider when creating a guide to aid your studying for finals:

    When are your exams?
    The first thing you need to do is get out a calendar and mark down when each of your exams will occur. Make sure to put the subject and the time. Determine how long you have between now and then to study for each exam, and which exams you should study for first.

    What will be on the exams?
    Will your exams be cumulative or just cover material introduced since the last exam? Once you determine the timeframe that the exam will cover, you will need to determine what material was covered during that timeframe. If you attended every class and are a good note-taker, look back through your notes. You can also look at your class syllabus or the table of contents of your textbook to find the broad topics that were covered in each class.

    What will the exams be like?
    Are the exams likely to be difficult or easy for you? Will they be multiple-choice or essay? Spend more time studying for exams that are likely to be more difficult. You should also spend more time on the exams that will count for a larger percentage of your overall grade.
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    Make study guide is to write an essay for me of the material
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