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    We present you 7 facts about porn, of which you probably have not heard anything yet. So you can save any Tinder date even if you run out of topics.

    Fact 1: On average, teenagers watch porn for the first time at the age of 14
    This October, the University of Münster published the results of a representative survey. For the best porn videos visit our website These show that adolescents on average watch a pornographic film at the age of 14, with the boys on average a few months younger than the girls. In addition, more than 70% of all adolescents are in contact with pornographic content for the first time via their smartphone, laptop or desktop PC. Television, print magazines and DVDs have become more and more obsolete in this regard.

    Fact 2: Most porn is produced in the US
    When researching which countries have the largest share of porn production in the world, you will find very different results. Germany is one of the leaders, sometimes the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Brazil or Japan. Only in one country are all the sources in agreement - most porn productions are clearly from the US.

    Fact 3: There are feminist porn too
    Porn as a pure male domain? - That was yesterday! Nowadays there are also feminist pornos, which are sometimes referred to as "women's porn" and have an ever-growing following. Sounds interesting? - In that case, in any case, read the article on a self-experiment that we have carried out for this purpose.

    Fact 4: The founder of YouPorn is German
    Behind the worldwide known platform YouPorn - the YouTube for pornographic content - is a German founder. Fabian Thylmann from Aachen founded YouPorn in August 2006 and within a few years made the site a multi-million dollar company.

    Fact 5: In Hamburg, most porn is consumed
    The makers behind the porn portal have this summer published a study from the Brisantes emerges. No other state in Germany consumes as much pornographic content per capita as in the Hanseatic city. According to the study, the users from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are relatively restrained in this respect.
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