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I am interested to do PMP Certification. I am working as Senior Software Engineer on .Net Technology. Can any one suggest me further? I want to know pros and cons of it.
Also expenditure of it.

Vishwas's Advice on Monday, September 16, 2013 :
It is good that you are aware of PMP at this stage of your career. From a layman's term, PMP is a framework which lays out  a foundation of project management and practices. You can get all the needed details at and you can start exploring the framework and certification. 
This certification is handy for project management stream and many organization do sponsor and reward the certifications. The knowledge of PMP is good in any engineering or any stream as such not necessary limited to IT.

Hope this helps.


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Hi, to be eligible for PMP examination you need to have 4500 hours of experience in assisting or managing a project (if you hold a bachelors degree) OR 7500 hours of experience in ssisting or managing a project (if you hold a diploma). In addition to this, you need to have 35 hours of formal PMP education. To know more about how you can gain these 35 contact hours, please read PMI PMP handbook thoroughly. One way that I am aware of is through a Registered Education Provider (REP). I know this one REP called Simplilearn ( ). I took my ITIL Foundation training from them and currently I am preparing for Intermediate level. You can probably visit their website or contact them to furnish further details.
I read an article on internet stating PMP is one of the highest paying certifications. So, I feel that this will a right choice if you want to make a career in project management and if you fulfil the eligibility criteria. Best of luck!
Posted by: Nismeh on: 9/23/2013 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
Hi Manki,
Thanks a lot for brief details. I am Double master degree holder so as I'll need 35 Contact hours to get through the training. In my city there is no center of them. But yes I can go to another city. Can you suggest that which one would be better? Offline Training or Online Training?
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Hi Nismeh,

Personally I prefer online training. As a full time working professional I do not get time to attend classroom sessions. Online training gives a freedom of learning anytime anywhere so for me it is a much convenient option. But then, it depends on person to person. If you find instructor led classroom sessions to be a better choice you can go for them. As far as I know, Simplilearn conducts classroom sessions across the globe. Check here once:
Since I dont know much about their classroom programs, I would suggest that you talk to counselors on their website. They can give you better idea about classroom and online trainings.
I hope this info helps! Good Luck!
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With your experience as a post of senior software engineer on .Net technology, you seem to be eligible for pmp certification. However, as pmp requires its applicants to have certain exp in all the 5 project management knowledge areas, I suggest you to not to take any risk and get your cv verified from a pmi rep. To the best of my knowledge, one such rep which verifies candidates cv for pmp eligibility is ProThoughts. You can go through their website and contact them for PMP Certification Training -
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PMP Certification Pros

PMP Certification is acknowledged by global business community. The certification is ISO 9001 accredited and so the certification is valid anywhere in the world. The project managers can search jobs worldwide.

The PMP Certification is about 35 hours of training, which helps project managers to build more skills and knowledge in project management. Based on project managers time management, both PMP Training Classes and PMP Online Training Classes are conducted by reputed institutions.

Many Employers requires project managers with PMP Certified for handling challenging and critical projects.

The Project Management Institution provides more details about the certification and its procedures.

PMP Certification Cons

The PMP Certification exam is more difficult and it requires strong preparation about the subjects. The certification not only requires practical knowledge in project management, but also requires more subject’s knowledge.

The PMP Exam will be more hectic.

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