How to display data in a Div using Innerhtml property from database?

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Hello Team,

I am using a AJAX HTML EDITOR to save the data in database in HTML format

EG : - Using HTML EDITOR i wrote Hello World and made it bold and inserted into database.
In database it is stored as Hello World with Bold tag

Now i want to fetch the data from database display it in the div with the same formatting.

I created a Private function to fill the div

Please find the Below Function

private void FillDIV()
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
ds = objdal.getData(); // this is another public function which fetches the data from database.
DataDiv.InnerHtml = ds.Tables[0].Rows[0]["HTMLDATA"].ToString();

catch(Exception ex )
lblErr.Text = ex.Message;
lblErr.Visible = true;

I am getting the data in the dataset as Hello World with the Bold tag wrapped around it and to display it i use innerhtml property of div
and on page load i have called the function but i do not get the Display
I do not know what is happening

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Can you Post full code and HTML of your Page???


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