how to add the values at runtime when the check box is checked in group of values in datagrid

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I am using wpf windows forms>> and binding data in data grid view (item, amount) and also having the check box for each column... now at the runtime if check box is checked for multiple items... so i want to add the amout for selected item...?
only sql querys will help to add this selected items.

so what is that query?


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For your needs, unless you have other requirements that steer you towards WPF, I would recommend the WinForms DataGridView.

The WPF DataGrid was made available via Codeplex, as an 'out of band' release, i.e. these are control that will eventually make their way into the WPF APIs, but are released on codeplex early so that we can benefit from them before the next major .NET release. You can use either the .NET 4.0 or codeplex DataGrid. As far as I know they are one and the same. The WPF DataGrid plays quite nicely with DataTables. See the examples in my following article:

However, the WPF framework and visuals are slightly more heavyweight than WinForms. Also, the WinForms DataGridView is very mature.

For very large datasets, the WinForms DataGridView has one feature that is not present in the WPF DataGrid, which is vital for very large grids (millions of rows), this is a virtual mode:

Known also as Data-Virtualization. In this mode, you tell the grid how many rows there are in your data, then handle events to populate the cells. This scales very well. I have used this for massive and complex grids.

WPF has UI virtualization which is a form of UI control recycling, but not data virtualization.

Hope that helps.

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