How to have groupby and where clause using non clustered index?

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One of advantage of non-clustered index is
"create performance of application where v used where clause
and group by clause"

I want to know in non-clustered index how to use group by and where clause
can anyone provide me with example query


Posted by: Muhsinathk on: 9/5/2012 [Member] Bronze | Points: 25

Non-Clustered Indexes store the pointers to the rows in the table. This helps in improving the performance of the queries on the table.
Use Non-Clustered Index on following columns in a table:

1. Create non-clustered index on non-key columns that are frequently used in queries.

2. Columns with lots of distinct values, such as a combination of last name and first name, if a clustered index is used for other columns.

Select *
From tbl [t]
where = 5 and t.DateTo = '12/31/2006'
and t.DateInserted = '12/01/2006'

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