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Hello, Guys,

My question is simple i want create a website where the user can select the type of language. Please ref the link i want to achieve this kind of selection. On selecting the language evey thing just changes the language type. I tried googling & found Resource files can be made for each language & found it lengthy but is it possible to acheive globalization using a access database, want i meant is "when the user changes the type of language the culture type should change corresponding to which the whole site's language" Please help me create a website with multi language using database. i hope my point is being delivered. Thanks in anticipation.




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if you want to develop multi lingual website first you need to prepare resources file related to each language.
a resource file is a file which contains the equivalent meaning to english words or sentences.
resource file extension is ".resx".
if you want to accomplish this task you need to learn about " localiaztion and globalization concepts".
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