How to create VoIP apps for Windows Phone 7

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I wished to create VoIP apps for my Windows Phone 7 and I used a sample program provided by Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. On client side I used Visual Studio 2010 for my project. They provided me codes for every step which was very helpful for me. For example: how to set the user interface layout for my project. Based on the codes it was an easy task to build my app. For example: The event handler for the Stop Call button is shown in this code:

1.	private void btnStopCall_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)  
2. {
3. if (callProcess)
4. {
5. txtboxInfo.Text = "Call stop, ready to call.";
6. connection.InvokeOnConnection("CallStop");
7. ReleaseStreams();
8. btnCall.IsEnabled = true;
9. }
10. }

The server side codes for server class definition, handling client connection and disconnection, changing the client's call state into InCall, invoking the client side OnPlayRemoteStream method, notifying the remote client about the end of the call were provided as well. For example:

1.	public void CallStop(IClient invokerClient)  
2. {
3. if (Clients.ContainsKey(invokerClient))
4. {
5. MyClient invoker = Clients[invokerClient];
6. invoker.RemoteParty.OnCallStop();
7. }
8. }

If you are interested in this topic you can find the other codes for the project here (google->

Good developing! ;)

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Hello, nice tutorial! I just started to use this [LINK=]voip sip software. Do you know whether it can be used for WP8 developments as well, or not? Thanks

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