different format store data in sql server 2005

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what are the freature importing data an exporting data with different format for example sql to excel and sql to xml and other format in sql server 2005
All are given some example and explain procedure how to use step by step

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The scenarios are,
a. You may have any application which accepts only the data in xml/ excel/csv/text format but your data is exist only in sql format, then you can use those in-built feature in sql server to export the data in the speicifed format. And vice versa for importing data. The client/ other application may produe the data in other format and if you want to import the data in your sql server then you can use import feature
b. There are many way to import/ export
i. Writing own .net code
ii. Thridparty tool
iii. Using SSIS Package
IV. SQL Server management studio import/Export wizard

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Here is a project, may help you, you can view the code in this project directly:


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