Difference date format in development environment and server [Resolved]

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Hi all

I will explain my issue with the help of problem in one report.im using visual studio 2010 and sql server 2008 .In my development system i retrieve the details from database with in a date its working well .In text box im displaying date in dd/mm/yy format
ld_fromdate = Convert.ToDateTime(como.ff_SetDate(txtcreatedfromdate.Text));
public string ff_SetDate(string datetime)
string[] date = datetime.Split('/');
string DD = date[0];
string MM = date[1];
string YY = date[2];
string dt = DD +"/"+ MM +"/"+ YY;
return (dt);

when i add this to server its not working instead the below code of conversion is working
public string ff_mm_dd_yy_Date(string strDate)
string DD, Mm, Yy;
string[] str = strDate.Split('/');
DD = str[0];
Mm = str[1];
Yy = str[2];
return ("" + Mm +"/"+ DD +"/"+ Yy + "";);
first one working in development environment secon one working in server.as many other applications hosted in server i cant change system settings .how can i maintain through coding
Thanks in Advance


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hi all
resolved my problem using

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