How to restrict user if he didn't confirm his email using confirmationcode

Posted by Ramakrishna188 under ASP.NET on 12/27/2012 | Points: 10 | Views : 900 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 1
Hello all

i am developing social media website when user registration is completed the user get to his mail confirmationcode
for his mail confirmation. if user didn't confirm his mail confirmation he can login with his crendential(emailid, password)
upto 6 days.. But after 6 days if user can login with his crendentials , we restrict the user he can't login the website, we
we want to display the message like "first u conifrm your email".
How we will do this functionality using web.config file or cs file. Please tell me any one



Posted by: Pavanandey on: 12/27/2012 [Member] Bronze | Points: 25

make a status coluom which indicates the user is activeted/not activated.

by checking this you can get you senarios working

Pavan Kumar
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