Give me an example for this type of method?

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Hi Friends,

Please show me a simple code with class name as return type in a method?Some of the codings in project as classname as return type for methods?I don't understand What that mean?

Can anyone give me a breif explanation and simple example regarding that one?

For example

public Dataset getEmployees()
in the above code we are using (Dataset)(It's basically a class) but here we are using as return type for getEmployees method.

I want the same as example.Instead of Dataset,user defined class should be as return type.I hope you understand what my doubt is.


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You can use DataSet in variety of flavors with SQL Data Source, Cracle Data Source, etc.

Following is the general approach to handle DataSet

public DataSet getDS()

// Create two DataTable instances.
DataTable table1 = new DataTable("Users");
table1.Rows.Add("raju", 1);
table1.Rows.Add("ram", 2);

// Create a DataSet and put both tables in it.
DataSet set = new DataSet("office");

return set;

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