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Hello Team,

I am sending the list-view contents to email.

The Contents contains the View Profile

What i want is when the user clicks on the View Profile button it should redirect to the profile page of the user on whose profile i have clicked.

I have also checked if the user is logged in or not in the application if not then he should login and once he logs in he should be able to view the complete profile.

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You can do like this,
I will explain you step by step:
Step 1:
First,you will have the url on the email.
If the user, clicks on the particular link it should redirect to the user profile right.
For that, you would have some identity to redirect to the particular user profile.
Store this value on any Session Object.
Session["UserProfileValue"] ="Value";
Here, value refers to the value of the particular user profile.

Step 2:
You will have some url on the email.
For example,
Profile.aspx: It must have some master page right.
There check the Session value of the whole application.
If it is empty. then redirect to the Login Page.
So, the user must log in to the application.

Step 3:
Retrieve the value of Session["UserProfileValue"] on the login page
Then, Re-direct to the profile page by passing that particular value of the profile.

Thanks & Regards,
Santhi .V

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