Get Random Questions From Database?

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Hi all,
i am designing a web site for online test..
Here I have, two types of Questions,
1. Textual Questions, and
2. Second type is Image based Question..

My database design is like below
QID,Question,OptionA1,OptionA2,OptionB1,OptionB2,OptionC1,OptionC2,OptionD1,OptionD2,Correct option

here OptionA1, OptionB1, etc., contains Textual options...
same way OptionA2, OptionB2, etc., contains Image based options

here i am able to generate Random ID by using below SQL Query..

Select QID from Table_Name order by NEWID();

I am using 3.5, c# and SQL server..

My Question is how can generate random questions at the time of taking test..

Q1 - should be with Textual options
Q2 - should be with Image options


shameer ali shaik


Posted by: Sandeepmhatre on: 3/25/2013 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

Use following link

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