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1. I have stored datatype to store a uploaded file to varbinary(max) in Sql server 2005 .
It shows an error message

String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated.

What is the datatype used to store all type of files

How can i rid of this
2 how can i download the uploaded file from sql server
File not downloaded in the form of System byte[]..etc

Attached while ask to download


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To save uploaded file into database

First you have to convert uploaded file into byte format
//convert the uploaded file into bytes

byte[] file = ConvertFiletoByte(UploadedFile);

Second, save file as a Image yes this will be hold by a Image Sql server DataType field
//Pass file as a parameter

command.Parameters.Add("file", SqlDbType.Image);
command.Parameters["file"].Value = file;

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