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Dear Team

Can we use Tree View For Menu Creation in coding.(With Submenus nested) if yes any sample code for the same.



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hi ,
try this link i hope it will help you

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Aswini Aluri

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Hi Srini,

Yes. You can create. You can create menu on treeview with jquery to design menu. Look into below code for sample.

<div id="MyTreeDiv">

<asp:TreeView ID="MyTreeView" runat="server" ExpandDepth="0">
<asp:TreeNode Text="node1" Value="f2571858-0eff-4260-9935-2f53d8e1bcd0">
<asp:TreeNode Text="node10" Value="c1ddc0fc-c170-4a74-8de3-f1e85fdb2615">
<asp:TreeNode Text="node100" Value="c2532e51-704f-45e9-abc7-f8a2a7b1f422" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node101" Value="d47ce54e-1c2b-45af-b767-e610f05e0960" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node102" Value="faa99883-4996-4ac4-afa1-a197df615a0b" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node103" Value="7c49a861-c253-49c4-86a5-9b1789187f80" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node104" Value="42def2d5-ae7a-4746-8223-63f762de058a" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node105" Value="ea0051a0-1122-432e-977b-46ef1e58f9c4" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node2" Value="bcb02fd7-d2fa-430a-b004-1d5f8e481a9f">
<asp:TreeNode Text="node20" Value="42516600-21c3-4866-9d45-7e42e82997c4" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node21" Value="3802be53-69c7-4e45-85e6-863cabea238a" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node22" Value="e99019d4-243e-454d-a761-0b214a4bd893" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node23" Value="4cbc3de2-18c0-43da-b65d-493f9a84243e" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node24" Value="7a211df9-6ed5-4198-b5ab-665f39069541" />
<asp:TreeNode Text="node25" Value="862dc876-8b92-437d-9947-833faea03ce4" />

Refer below link for more information-

Hope you have understood.

Jitendra Kumar
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