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Hi Guys!
It's very Urgent! Please answer as soon as possible
i want to buy one web server to my office, Can any one help me what are the procedures should i have and tell me the best server configuration, i mean OS, RAM, Storage Capacity, Security etc. and how to enable my server to Online. at present i have one website on another server, i want to change my current website to my own web server
Advance Thanks!
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really you gonna have to Stop saying words like "Urgent" or "Please answer as soon as possible " its not nice , we dont work for you and we cannot do your for you. You must ask politely. First of all the way you asked the Question its as if you dont know what is a WebServer. How can we tell you what type of Webserver to buy if we dont know the nature of your Application and Business. I can tell you to get a Web Server with 4 Gig of Ram and bla and bla and finding out that your Application is "Internet Banking" if 1000 of users hit your Server it will be Down in no time, So next time you must become more specific when you ask question.

Thank you for posting at Dotnetfunda

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