Adding Resource to WPF application

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Hi friend

I create the say two themes(Blue and Black)
In that Theme WPFtoolKit Control Style also Included(e.g DataGrid Control)

so I create Two .xaml file say(blue.xaml and Black .xaml)

now these .xaml file are in Say D:\Theme\.. Directory.
these are not included in my WPF application.(means that My WPf application say in(E:\ThemeChange\WpfApp...)

now i want to add these .xaml file as resource to my WPF application

Means that how add .xaml file as resource to WPF application but xaml file is not available in WPF application folder
they are avalible in some other directory.
The resource are coming from outside WPF application folder(I dont want to do WPF Application)

is it possible ?
give good Link

Have Nice Time
Advance Thanks


Posted by: Sagarp on: 3/26/2010 [Member] Bronze

Hi friend

check following Article with Code it can help to solve Ur problem


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