How to create a simple N tier layer using WCF in Dotnet 3.5

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Can anybody have a n-tier layer in wcf using three layers DataAccesslayer,Businesslogiclayer,and presentationlayer.

i need to develop the N-Tier layer in my project.I have to implement one layer using Wcf.?How to call a Wcf file into the businesslogiclayer? if anybody knows reply me


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Though i cant give you a code examples currently but i can tell you what you need to achieve this. am currently writting a book and fortunately am on the chapter that explains that.

First you need to know the basics of WCF . The N-Tier architecture consist of 2 Class Libraries namely "BLL"(Business Logic Layer) and "DAL" Data Access Layer, now this are creted the same way we create class library in C# or ASP.NET Project. and the References add added on these Classes and a Client is created that will access the BLL. i have written some ferw articles on non-WCF and if you can grasp that and it will be simple to implement it in a WCF way look at this

Look at how i structured the layers

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