5 Important .NET Interview Questions

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The most important factor that helps in succeeding the interview depends upon the interview preparation. If you are prepared well for the interview, success is certain!

So here is the chance to prepare for the .NET interviews and ask any question if you have. This is a FREE class and any one can join. To join the session click here: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/291608-5-imp-net-interview-questions

The following questions would be discussed during the session:

What is MSIL?
What is the use of garbage collector?
What is boxing and unboxing?
How do we register assemblies in GAC?
What are value types and reference types?


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Here are question related to static class
1.What is a static class?
2.How can we inherit a static variable?
3.How can we inherit a static member?
4.Can we use a static function with a non-static variable?
5.Why main function is static?

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