WPF + XBAP application

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Hi friend

I Made WPF applicaton.
In that Appliation some Dll are Referenced assembly and some are UnReferenced assembly in Application.
I want to Deploy this application as the XBAP application.
so when I Deploy the the Applcation as XBAP application only the Referenced assembly is Deploy on the server not the UnReferenced

But I Want to also deploy the UnReferenced assembly to the Server as XBAP Application

so when User(Client) Type the URL(http://MyProject.com) so the in Local machine download the Referenced assembly and UnReferenced assembly both from server (XBAP application)

Is it Possible ?

Give Good Link....

Have Nice Time

Advance Thanks


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Why do you want to deploy the unreferenced assemblies ? XBAP is enough to run your application

Thank you for posting at Dotnetfunda

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