whats the flow or sequence when a page is requested?

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Hi All,

what happens when a page is requested from client in a server.



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When a page is requested from the client to the server the following are the major steps follows for the communication between the client and the server :-

1) When you type an address into your web browser, (such as http://www.dotnetfunda.com/), the web browser opens a connection to the requested computer (www.dotnetfunda.com) and sends an HTTP request for a document.

2) That request is handled with the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and sent over the Internet to the server which holds the document.

3) When server receives the request from the client, it first authenticate the client and after authentication its start finding the document requested by the client.

4) If all goes well the server responds by sending the document - usually a web page of text and graphics.

5) Otherwise, server throw an error message, generally it will be 404 i.e the document or the web page you requested Not Found.

For More details please see the attached PPT.

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