How to Display Appointments Based on Sessions in a Radcheduler

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Good Day All

Let me explain my Previous look of a Viewer before i used Telerik. this is a Custom built interface , built with normal and a lot of css at runtime. I am changing to Telerik Scheduler and its doing nice things for me.

I am trying to customize the Viewer. My Previous Viewer was like this

as you can see the above viewer it has 2 Slots that i defined like this in the Database

By the Look at the Old Viewer it combined the DayView and the Month View. Now i am using Telerik Schedular that looks like this when all appointments are binded

Now as you can see this one too, it different views, but the Currently displayed is a Month-view. When a user Clicks on the more it brings it in a Day View. Now i want to implement the Slot style as depicted in the Oldviewer Screenshot. I want to have Sessions and Days at the Top as depicted in the following Screenshot

As you can see the 2nd Period. if an activity of subject takes double period it should be displayed as that and the time should be removed there, there should be Sessions. if i put it in simple english. On sunday 7 i have Seminar as period 1 and Labour Law as period 2 and Period 3 because it is a double period and on the 4th Period i have Advanced Constitutional Law

How can i achieve this,

Thank you

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I have found the answer to this problem

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