Need assembler to run assembly language programming

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hi people's
i have a programe writeen in assembly language.
test start
begin balr 15,0
using begin+2,15
sr 4,4
l 3,ten
loop l 2,data(4)
a 2,forty9
st 2,data(4)
a 4,four
bct 3,loop
br 14
ten dc f'10'
four dc f'4'
forty9 dc f'49'
data dc f'1,3,3,3,3,4,5,8,9,0'

i tried it to rum by using the assembler fasmw and masm32 but both give error this programme is taken from system programming by john j.donovan.
so tell me which assembler i use to run this programme.

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What Error are you getting ?

Thank you for posting at Dotnetfunda

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